Hey, Friends!

I’m Larell. A wellness writer, gardener, plant mamma, cat squishier, magazine editor, dress wearer, ice cream eater, and Spongebob lover. I’m a yogi, a bird mom, a sometimes runner, a tell-it-like-it-is-er, and a strong-hearted Sagittarius (Virgo rising, Leo moon if you’re into that sort of thing). You can find dark chocolate, spinach, and honey in my kitchen at all times. I own 27 house plants. I'm imperfect and honest.

Creative writing teaches me to be bold with my voice. Energy medicine continues to teach me to be patient and consistent. And healing my cystic acne naturally taught me a sense of willpower and empathy.

I've been gifted with a whole bunch of creativity and a semantic mind to make it happen (INFJ!). Oh, and an unquenchable drive for happiness. I do it big, make it sparkle, and laugh a lot.